Welcome to Donovan Family Farm, we own the Gaelic Roots Dairy Goat herd. 

Our overall farm motto is natural practices, sustainable living and with that comes a focus on transparency. We believe transparency not only builds trust but drives education, two things that are pivotal to us and our operation. We are very open with our customers about our husbandry practices and since we love data we have lots of that to share as well. We know it can be overwhelming to raise animals even if you are an experienced breeder/owner so we try to keep things as digestible as possible, providing support through educational  blog posts, email communication and an open door policy to any of our customers where we are available to answer questions and help wherever we can. Thank you for visiting and let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for the wonderful hospitality and the tour of your lovely farm. We’ll send pictures and keep you updated!

Prima Wara Farm

Thank you so much for these perfect little babies! We are enjoying them so much and it really has felt like an effortless transition to bring them into our family!

The McAlpin Family