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2017 Breeding overview and expectations

This year we are quite thrilled about our breeding lineup, our biggest problem now is who to retain. We have lots of nice linbreedings this year on Tiger L, Zenith &  Tupelo Honey, see our breeding schedule for pairings.

We were very pleased with the results of last years breeding, retaining 2 beautiful does that improved in dairy character with great openness, flat bones, high arches and strong briskets. We are looking to add more strength to the lines, width to the rear udder and better  fore-udder attachment. We purchased a little buckling that comes from solid Rosasharn lines to help make these improvements. HetlandCreek BW Nero D’ Avelo is beautifully linebred on Tiger L (L ++B ++*S) and Queen Bee (5*M5*D) and adds exactly what we want to our herd and much more.

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About the Farm

We are the Donovan family, focused on natural practices and sustainable living.
We use rotational grazing practices and strive to raise all living things the way nature intended. We use organic methods and products wherever possible. Our farm is always evolving but today we enjoy breeding quality dairy goats, pasture raised poultry for eggs & a market garden.
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