Dairy Goats

Where quality meets quantity.

We raise purebred, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf and Nubian Goats for dairy production. Our goal in breeding is to improve dairy character & conformation.

Our Nigerian herd foundation is comprised of strong bloodlines (Rosaharn, Pholia, Alegdi, Castle Rock) from Leisure Time Dwarf & Hetland Creek both proven herds with characteristics we enjoy.  Our Nubian herd which will start breeding in 2018 comes from well established and champion lines from Leisure Time, My-Enchanted Acres, Engylskye & Thunder Ridge.

A few key characteristics of our herd that we breed for specifically are:

Dairy character: our lines tend to mature slower due to lots of dairy character

Width throughout: emphasized in the rump especially

Length: All our does are very long, continually commended by appraisers and judges 

Well attached capacious udders: you will notice we have lots of capacity and some solid fore udder extension on our girls

We take great pride in the quality of our goats and their well being. All of our goats are dam and bottle raised, daily human interaction promotes personality, gentle demeanor and health. Our herd is pasture raised, we offer local natural grains, beneficial herbs and agree with Benjamin Franklin that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Our overall farm motto is natural practices, sustainable living and with that comes a focus on transparency. We believe transparency not only builds trust but drives education therefore we are very open to customers about our husbandry practices and since we love data we have lots of that to share as well. We know it can be overwhelming to raise animals even if you are an experienced breeder/owner so we try to keep things as digestible as possible providing blog posts and email communication along with an open door policy to any of our customers, we are always available to answer questions and help wherever we can.

GR purchae package

Tested yearly for Johnes, CL, CAE and Brucella

Disease tested Spring of 2018 (Negative)

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