For Sale

See breeding page for all 2021 kids available this year. Below are the yearlings and adults we have for sale currently. updated 9.2.21



$475 | Gaelic Roots <TBD>   | Chocolate buckskin with moonspots, brown eyes

Dry yearling, ready to breed or show. This is a repeat of the genetics for the 2019 National 19th place junior dry yearling. Very correct and long bodied kids from this pair and it’s been consistent across all kids.

Dam: Leisure Time TT Cinco De Mayo *M  | Sire: SG Castle Rock Penny Dreadful *B | Elite 2020

$500 | Gaelic Roots Celtic War Paint *B   | black and white, brown eyes | Mature Buck 3 yrs old


$750 | SG Leisure Time TT Madri Gras *M | 6 yrs old 5F

Very elegant doe, strong dairy character and depth of body. Has matured nicely, high milk production still very fertile, has only ever taken one visit with a buck to get the job done. Typically twins/triplets. Daughters easily improve on Mardi’s weaker areas (shoulders, rear attachment). She has an extremely capacious udder and while she does well in the show ring (top 5) she can be almost too capacious for a show doe but her daughters improve easily with the right buck, her kids are winning the ring and placing at Nationals. She would be perfect for a performance home focused on milk production/test. We love Mardi, she is one of our first kids purchased, but we have her identical twin sister and the husband is extremely attached to the sister.

$600 | Gaelic Roots PD River Dance | 3yr old 2F

Dam: Leisure Time MS Ceile Dahmsa 2*M VEEV89 // Sire: SG Penny Dreadful *B (Elite)

Correct, stunning udder and high production on this three year old. Hoping to get some better photos of her udder, it’s correct, well attached nice teat placement, capacious. Both years we were forced to dry off our girls early on test due to outside circumstances but while she was in milk both she was producing very well, see her milk test data on her page for details. She is also very competitive in the show ring, has received reserve grand and typically places top 3 in classes.