The Farm

We are the Donovan family, focused on natural practices and sustainable living.

We use rotational grazing practices and strive to raise all living things the way nature intended. We use organic methods and products wherever possible. Our farm is always evolving but today we enjoy:

  • An organic market garden
  • 25 (an counting) chickens for pastured eggs
  • A herd of Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats for breed stock, milk, cheese, soap, entertainment and show
  • 14 foundation Muscovy’s for meat production (did you know they taste like beef tenderloin?)
  • 2 cats to keep the rodents at bay
  • 2 dogs to keep the humans in line.
  • 2 humans, who think they run things around here.

A look ahead (2018)

  • We will have some very nice kids available for sale in the spring of 18′ and will be adding more as the months go by. Check out our breeding schedule for details
  • We had over 75 chicks born last year that were all sold as breed stock to great homes. Due to popularity and success of 2017 we have added a few more hens and new drake to our breeding foundation. You can expect to see eggs and chicks available spring of 18′.

Meet the humans of Donovan Family Farm:

The Farm Manager: Nicole was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Spending most of her time outdoors and with animals. From falconry, 4H (beef cattle) and 2 years studying large animal medicine, animal husbandry is in her blood. Combine that with her time spent in the kitchen with Grandma, learning about quality food and the family recipes, it seems only appropriate that she is now farming.

The Farmer: Jesse was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area. He grew up fishing, pheasant hunting and running around outside. As a teenager one of his first jobs was pouring foundations, then it was on to roofing, electrical, and a flurry of other trades which gave him the experience and passion to fix pretty much anything, which is a perfect skill when owning a farm.

“It’s about balance and a lot of teamwork, which is a bit cliche to say these days but in our world it’s the only way we can do all the things we love. Yes, there is time in the day for it all,  you just have to know where your priorities sit and gut check that you’re still having fun, and we are still having fun!”