The Garden

A recap of 2015: The season of learning

IMG_2577Although we’ve been gardening for 6 years together, this was our first year on this property so we focused on learning, any bounty was a bonus. This year was not without its challenges, from wire worms that wiped out an entire crop of tomato starts (over 100) and continued to rear their little heads throughout the season. To the drought mid summer, there was never a dull moment.

Despite setbacks we were pretty happy with our yield in 2015. We had enough to provide a CSA to about 10 people so we are excited to expand that number and officially get started in 2016.



  • Despite the tomato set back we ended up with 60 lbs of heirloom; San Marzano’s, Roma’s, Cherokee Purples and 30 lbs of a variety of cherry tomatoes. Sauce and bruschetta for days on this farm.
  • We finally got the Minnesota Midgets to grow (we’ve been planting these in our garden for over 5 years with no success). This year we were able to get 5 beautiful cantaloupe and they lived up to their midget name.
  • There was a bountiful crop of arugula that the chickens were able to enjoy in the spring.
  • We had sugar snap peas, always happy with this veggie. We call them Nature’s Cheeto!
  • The lettuce another crop that had dwindled in past plantings but this past year was almost too beautiful to harvest, but we did, and it didn’t disappoint.

Did we mention we started an orchard? We planted:

  • 3 varieties of blueberries
  • 2 varieties of raspberries
  • 3 varieties of apple
  • 5 varieties of pear
  • 2 varieties of kiwi
  • 1 lovely Asian plum tree

We are looking to add a few more to the grounds in 2016.