It all started with three little Silkie chicks that were given to us as a gift. Laverne, Shirley and Squiggy started our passion for chickens and their fresh eggs. The Donovan Family Farm is now home to a mixed flock of 24 happy hens and 1 very happy rooster.

Laverne, Squiggy & Shirley

Our chickens are pasture raised. They spend their days filling up on greens, digging under old tree roots for bugs, and getting into trouble in the barn. We provide them with fermented organic soy and corn free feed free choice which supplies them with any nutrients they might be lacking in their diet depending on the season.

The chickens all have their own personality and we enjoy spending mornings sitting out in the pasture with our coffee watching them interact and explore. Because we raise all of our layers from chicks they are extremely friendly which makes checking their healthy a very easy task.

We sell our eggs on the farm for $5 a dozen. That’s quite inexpensive for organic and pasture raised eggs but because one of the farmers is quite the data geek, we’ve found the sweet spot on production costs. Between the rotational Easter_eggsgrazing, fermented feed and flow charts, we’ve gotten the chickens on a sustainable system for both the land and our pocket book. Plus they do so much good for our land then anything else we don’t look to make much of a profit, we just enjoy sharing the extra bounty.

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