SG Leisure Time TT Mardi Gras 1*M

Barn Name: Mardi || D.O.B 4.7.2015 || Black with broken white || Brown eyes

Dam: Leisure Time TW Confetti Moon (4 years on the ELITE list) (GCH Leisure Time CF The Works *+B VEE89  old x  SG Pholia Farm Moonlaced By Design 4*M VEEV 88)// Sire: Alethia DJ Triton +*B (GCH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter ++*B X GCH Algedi Farm RK Stella Luna 4*M)

Mardi is a very well put together doe. Continually commended by judges for her capaciousness, she milked over 700# as a first freshener. She is an Elite (95%) and Superior Genetics doe. She comes from a long line of production does, she would be a 6*M but her dam was sold before DHI testing was completed. Mardi’s full blooded aunt SGCH Leisure Time Moondust Mayhem (dam’s full sister) easily  milked over 1000# as a 2nd freshener, see bottom of page for reference to Mayhem. Also note Mardi’s  grandparents are quite accomplished themselves.

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Year DIM Pounds Fat Protein Freshening Progeny L.A.
2016 (1 yr) 324 710 45 32 First 2- bucks VVVA 81
2017 (2 yr) 157 580 40 26  Second  3 -bucks  dry at appraisal

Herd decision made to dry off early in prep for breeding season.
2018 (3 yr)  200  820  47 37 Third  2 – does / 1 buck  +EEV87

Awards to note: Elite (95%) and Superior Genetics 2017

Show year Show Placement Judge Notes
2016   NWABGC  2nd  Lynn Benedict  Very competitive 20+ does
2016   NWABGC  4th  Matt Casselman  Very competitive 20+ does
2016   NWABGC  8th  Dan Young  over full udder
2018  Evergreen Fair  3rd Amy Akramoff Senior Get of Sire (Triton)

Show notes: 2017 and 2018 Mardi kidded too late for the main show season

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Dam & Sire Details

TritonMardi_Mayo dam

SGCH Leisure Time TW Moondust Mayhem 5*M

Mayhem has matured exquisitely into a Superior Genetics finished Champion doe, her 2018 (4yr) LA: VEEE 91