Leisure Time TT Cinco De Mayo 1*M

Barn name: Mayo || D.O.B 4.7.2015 || Black with broken white || Brown eyes

Mayo is a very correct doe. She has a stronger MSL, extremely long bodied, great shoulder assembly and depth of body. She is maturing very nicely as a two year old. She has tremendous capacity and has been milking over 5lbs a day as a  2nd freshener and has milked over 850 lbs this year.

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Year DIM Pounds Fat Protein Freshening Progeny L.A.
2016 289 560 39 28 First Twin does VVV+ 83
2017 261 870 53 41 Second Quads
3 F | 1M


Show year

Show Placement Judge Notes




Lynn Benedict

Very competitive 20+ does
2016 NWABGC 5th

Matt Casselman

Very competitive 20+ does

2016 NWABGC 9th Dan Young

Over uddered

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Dam & Sire Details

TritonMardi_Mayo dam

Mature Progeny

Gaelic Roots ND Cara De O’Rion 2*M +VVV86 || Sire: HetlandCreek Nero D’Avelo


Gaelic Roots BW Rhiannon 2*M || Sire: HetlandCreek Sir Buddy Windsor

First Freshening