Breeding Schedule

2019 Schedule

Email us at to get on our free announcement email. Let us know which pair you’re interested in and we’ll send a note when kids drop. Or you can place a reservation for $50.00 to hold a kid, if they are confirmed bred below.


Buck Fresh bred/due

Confirmed | $$|Reservations

Mardi side natural
SG Leisure Time TT Mardi Gras 1*M

20190523_094701 (1)Gaelic Roots Belfast Cowboy *B


11.11.18// 4.6.19 20190512_110908

$550 | 1 doe available

Breeding Expectation: This is a nice breeding mainly on Tiger L that adds substance to our very correct and dairy doe. The udders should be very capacious with large teats and a strong medial.
 Mardi X Cowboy Planned Pedigree >
Leisure Time TT Ella Fitzgerald
Leisure Time TT Ella Fitzgerald 2*M | 2018:(VEEV88)

Alethia ET Im a love machine
Alethia ET I’m A Love Machine (Mac) c/o HetlandCreek


bred: 11.12.18due: 4.6.2019

3 | $550 | Reserved: 1D/1B    Available: 1D/1B

Breeding Expectation: This is a nice linebreeding on CH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter *B (EEE91) and SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D (EEEE91). This should yield very correct kids with capacious udders, well attached, strong and dairy kids. This is a very anticipated breeding we are extremely thrilled about.
Ella x Mac Planned Pedigree >

Leisure Time HB Irish Eyes 4*M (pending)
Leisure Time HB Irish Eyes 1*M| 2018: (VVEE88)

CH Leisure Time CF The Works c/o Leisure Time | 2018: (VEE89)
3rd bred: 12.1.18

due: 4.25.19

3 | $500 | Reserved: 1D / 1B

Available: 1D / 1B

Breeding Expectations: This should give us some lovely kids with nice strong backs and shoulders, while maintaining the well attached, capacious E udder on Irish. Blue eyes possible.
Irish X Sundae Planned Pedigree >
Leisure Time MS Ceile Damhsa 3*M
CH Leisure Time CF The Works c/o Leisure Time
3rd bred: 11.27.18

due: 4.21.19

3+ | $475 | Reserved: 1D

Available: 2D / 1B

Breeding Expectations: Ceile is an extremely long doe, one of the longest judges ever encounter thus we are looking to strengthen the back and shoulders on this dam. Her udder is beautiful and Sundae should not take away from that. 
 Ceile x Sundae Planned Pedigree >

Fiona_Grand Champion Win_5.26.18
Gaelic Roots BlackIrish Selkie
Wally 1st TBD TBD | $450 | Reserved: 1D

Available: 1D / wethers only

Breeding Expectations: We are very excited to freshen this doe. This combo is a light (7%) linebreeding on ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D and SGCH Rosasharn’s UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D (EEEE91). We expect gorgeous udders and very strong, correct kids.
Fiona X Mac Planned Pedigree >
Gaelic Roots ND Cara De O’Rion Gaelic Roots Celtic War paint (Wally) 1st bred: 11.12.18

due: 4.6.19

3 | $400 | Reserved: open

Available: 2D / wethers only

Breeding Expectations: This is a nice linebreeding on Zenith, Jupiter, Triton. we are expecting correct kids and lot of milk.
 Rion X TBD Planned Pedigree > 

Lola, A show girl
Leisure Time Lola, A show girl (1xGCH)
Castle Rock Penny Dreadful *B
Sire: Castle Rock Penny Dreadful *B |2017: VEV86
1st bred: 12.1.18

due: 4.30.19

2+| $300 | Reservations closed: Reserved: 1st doe: TW / 2nd doe: CB

Breeding Expectations: This is a rare opportunity as we will focus on breeding pure Nubians in the future. Lola is in our National’s 2019 lineup so wanted to ensure she was bred in November, thus we decided to use our bucks to get the job done. Penny is a beautifully strong and correct buck that comes from a long line of champion E90 animals. This should yield very correct kids with great capacity to milk and if their genetics tell you anything they should be very competitive in the ring.
Lola x Penny Planned Pedigree >

Here is what we consider when we price our animals

Base: $400 | Milk Star $25 | SG/Elite $50 | Leg $50 /Champion $100 | Buck * $25 | Buck + $25 | LA (+85)/genetics $25 | LA 90 E $25| does w/ progeny stars $25

*Reservations can be made prior to ultra-sound confirmation but deposit are due once confirmed bred.

Kid Reservations and Sales Terms and Conditions


You refers to the buyer | We, us, refers to Donovan Family Farm (the seller)

I. Kid Reservation Policy and Process

I.1. All unborn kids can be reserved with a $50.00 Non-Refundable deposit. Deposits are due once the doe is confirmed bred, via ultra-sound.

  1. Email us at, providing your information and kid/breeding selection request.
  2. Once Donovan Family Farm receives your request form, we will respond to you, within 24hrs, via email confirming your request is available.
  3. The confirmation email will include a notice that begins a temporary 7-day hold on the kid selection you requested, this provides you 7 days to pay the $50.00 Non-Refundable deposit.

I.2. If the deposit is not received within the 7 day hold period, the request will be null and void and that kid reservation will open to other interested parties.

I.3. Once the $50.00 Non-Refundable deposit is received, your kid selection is considered reserved. A second email will be sent confirming deposit received and kid reserved.

I.4. Kids will be reserved based on the order in which requests and deposits are received.

I.5. We do not take reservations for eye or coat color of any kids except wethers. Although we understand the desire for these types of characteristics, we raise and breed dairy goats for dairy production and conformation. Eye and coat color are not factors that contribute to these qualities or to improving the overall breed, which is our main goal. Thus we will not refund your deposit if your reserved kid is not colored to your preference.

I.6 We reserve the right to retain any kid out of any breeding

II. Sales Terms and Conditions

II.1. Prices are based on evaluation of kids, the L.A. scores, show awards, milking stars/ other production records of parents/grandparents and age of sire (proven or new) . Typically prices for does and bucks will be from $400.00–$800.00. Wethers are priced at $125.00, with discounts available, see section II.5 for more details.

II.2. Full payment is due prior to weaned (pick up) date via pay pal or cashier check. If paying day of pick up the remaining balance due is required in cash or cashier check. If payment can not be made we will consider the contract null and void and the kid will be made available to other interested parties.

II.3. If your reservation is not fulfilled (I.E: you requested a doe from a specific breeding pair and no does were born) a full refund will be provided. Alternatively, if applicable and desired by the buyer an option to select an available kid from another breeding pair will be provided.

II.4. We strive to produce & place quality animals and guarantee that all goats leave our farm healthy and happy (see what’s included in purchase below). Once a kid leaves our property we do not make any guarantees or warranties. Furthermore there are no guarantees for how any kid will actually mature, how their mammary system will develop or their conformation characteristics. We can only do our best, utilizing ADGA pedigree, LA, DHI, show & other records to breed pairings that can produce improvements for dairy characteristics and conformation.

II.5. Goats are herd animals as such we only sell our goats to homes that already have other goats or to a home making a multiple purchase. Wethers solid in pairs get a   discounted price of $50.00 on the 2nd goat, equaling 2 wethers for $200.00

II.6. Typically buck kids out of first fresheners will be sold as wethers (pets). We will only keep buck kids as bucks if we would use them in our breeding program.

II.7. In the unlikely event of a kid dying prior to leaving we will refund your money.

II.8. Kids are dam and bottle raised. Kids are ready for pick up at 8-12 weeks when they are fully weaned. We determine departure dates by weight and health. If smaller goats need more time with mom to mature we keep them longer. Wethers also stay a little longer to ensure their banding process starts healing nicely.

II.9. What’s included with your purchase:

Kids will have been:

  • Fully weaned (8-12 weeks)
  • De-wormed
  • Disbudded
  • Vaccinated with 2 CD&T shots
  • ADGA registered, except wethers (please see naming policy below for more details)
  • Tattooed

If you are new to goats we provide a “My First Year” quarterly email that contains references for what to expect at different ages/stages of maturity (based on industry and our herd), what to look for with health & helpful tips/articles relating to age of kid and seasonality.

Does or Bucks will be:

  • Up to date on all vaccines
  • ADGA registered and tattooed
  • Health records and if applicable: DHI, LA, show, etc. records

II.10. If the buyer ever decides to sell a Donovan Family Farm Gaelic Roots herd goat Donovan Family Farm reserves the right of first refusal.

II.11. We highly encourage buyers visit the farm prior to pick up day. This allows buyers to see our process, the farm, their reserved kid and answer any questions you might have, ensuring a successful and smooth pick up day. We require this pre-visit for buyers who are new to owning goats.

II.12. A boarding fee of $2.00/ day will apply for kids we have deemed ready to leave (8-12 weeks) if pick-up arrangements are not made and agreed to before hand.

II.13. We reserve the right to retain any kid out of any breeding, regardless of reservations on the kid.

III. Naming Policy

III.1. Because you are purchasing a Donovan Family Farm Gaelic Roots Dairy Goat we require that names be selected in accordance with our herd and brand standards. Since all goats from our farm are ADGA registered (see section III.4 for wether exceptions) the goat carries the Gaelic Roots name for its lifetime and thus reflect on our herd. All Donovan Family Farm Gaelic Roots Dairy Goats require an Irish name themed by the dam’s name. If you have reserved a doe or buck kid you will be able to supply 4 name choices with your top choice being #1, this also applies to kids being purchased that have not been registered yet.

III.2. Names must be submitted 2 weeks (14 days) prior to pick up day so they can be vetted and approved by Donovan Family Farm. Once approved, you will be notified via email and ADGA registration papers will be prepared and submitted by Donovan Family Farm once payment/pick up is complete. This ensures all goats carrying our herd name are registered appropriately.

III.3. If you are not an ADGA member and you are purchasing breed stock we recommend you become a member prior to final purchase/pick up. This ensures the goat is registered in your name. If you do not have an ADGA membership during time of pick up we have to register the goat under Donovan Family Farm, Gaelic Roots Dairy Goats and a secondary purchase transfer form is submitted once the buyer registers with ADGA. This secondary form and payment is the responsibility of the buyer to complete and submit to ADGA.

III.4. EXCEPTION to naming policy: Wethers are not registered through ADGA, they are considered pet animals, thus they are exempt from the naming policy. However they will be tattooed so they can be used in 4-H.