Muscovy Ducks

Taking a break in 2019. We won’t have any ducks available meat or live.

Raised Right. Tastes Right.


We love the Muscovy breed. They are gentle, quite and extremely proficient foragers. We raise our ducks the way nature intended them to be raised, outside foraging in their pasture with trees, ponds a lots of sun. They provide us with natural pest control for our organic garden. They are all natural with no exposure or usage of antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. In return they provide us with high quality eggs and meat that is rich, flavorful and with no additives. Quality you won’t find in a grocery store. We sell both live and processed ducks.

Meat: Because we focus on sustainability we let our ducks brood and raise their own clutches so processing is seasonal. They start laying around March and we are able to start processing around September.

We partner with Crooked Shed Farm to process our meat. They are a WSDA Licensed  and USDA Co-Pack Exempt which allows us to sell our birds frozen or fresh at farmers markets, butcher shops, retail outlets, or to restaurants anywhere within Washington state. Crooked Shed Farm takes extreme care to provide a humane and ethical processing experience, they are also sustainable in processing the waste. We really appreciate their efforts and quality of service. If you are interested in purchasing duck from us please email us at, we can put you on a list and contact you when birds are hatching and butchered.

Our next batch of ducks will be ready December 7th 2018

We sell whole birds for $10 a pound, bird typically weigh 5 lbs dressed out, organs currently not allowed to be sold.

Breed stock and pet ducks: We have high hatch rates (90%) and very large clutches ranging from 12-24 ducklings per batch. We sell chicks and adult birds:

  • Day to 2 week old ducklings for $7
  • 3-8 week old for $10
  • 8 to 12 week old for $15
  • 13-20 weeks $20
  • 6+ months mature adults $30

We have chocolates, lavender, wild (black), white head genes, pied and barred color variations.

Email us at if you are interested in our ducks.