How we package our eggs

Blunt side up
We place the eggs in the carton blunt side up to keep the eggs fresh longer as well as an additional step to keep any bacteria from reaching the yolk, the most susceptible part of the egg. The egg white has bacteria fighting agents that keep the yolk safe however the space where the air pocket sits is where bacteria can enter, which is a normal occurrence in eggs. By placing the egg blunt side up this keeps the air pocket away from the yolk and allows the white to act as a better barrier.

What is a Bloom?
A bloom is a natural protective layer that the hen uses to seal the egg before laying. Since the shell is porous the bloom helps to keep bacteria from getting inside the egg.  On conventional farms the bloom is washed away and the shell is often bleached, mainly for aesthetic purposes, allowing air and bacteria to enter more rapidly. On The Donovan Farm we keep the bloom in tact by dry cleaning the eggs. This helps to keep air out longer and prevents bacteria from entering. Our hens lay their eggs on soft pine shaving and natural dried herbs. This helps protect the egg and herbs like Peppermint, Oregano and Lavender have natural properties that make the environment healthy and clean… it also smells nicer in the coop.

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